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Golf Stuff

One of my biggest passions is playing golf. It would be an understatement to say that golf is a big part of my life! I play every chance I get, which in this part of the world, is only for about six months of the year.

I'm currently a 10 Handicap. I'm a member of the Stratford Municipal Golf Course which is a par-70 public course and I belong to the Men's League and the A.N.A.F. league. I play other courses in the area whenever I get a chance.


  • Golfgods - Your complete guide to the Best Golf Products
  • Adams Golf - Excellent fairway woods... I own "Tight Lies" 16 and 13 degree clubs myself!
  • The Golf Channel On-Line - One of my favourite TV stations!
  • GolfMax.ca - listing of golf courses in Canada by region

Local Courses:

A brief listing of Golf Courses in or near Stratford, Ontario. Where I could not find a website for a course I have linked to a directoy listing.


home   •   about ian  •  blog  •  photos  •  golf  

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