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First Tournament

With the first tournament of the season under my belt, I guess that the golf season is in swing. Speaking of the first tournament, what a hoot. It was a best ball put on by Fosters, a local restaurant. I was hooked up with a friend from work, and a couple of people whom I didn?t know, one of which is a fairly good golfer, the other, well, he talked the talk, but was pretty well soused by the time the bus left for the course so was next to useless for most of the tourney!

It started out early, we all met, about 40 or so, of us at the restaurant and had Baileys & coffee for breakfast (souse boy is already into the beer & won?t shut up). Onto a bus hired for the occasion & off we go to Ironwood golf course. We get there & amid mass confusion finally get to tee off. I brought my new driver with me ?just in case?. As this is a best ball, I can afford to make a few shots with it & see what happens.

The first hole I use my old driver & aim left guarding against a fade. How was I to know I?d hit it straight? Fortunately, it careened off a tree & ended up in the middle of the fairway, the longest ball & the drive we used. Go figure! Anyway, we play on & my drives continue to be used as I?m actually striking the ball fairly well off the tee. Around the 5th hole or so I?m convinced to take my new beast out of the bag & give it a try. I SPANK it down the middle of the fairway! MAN?WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! This is awesome! Straight & long!

The happiness continues as hole after hole I manage to poke some really good shots out there. My confidence level increases & I actually look forward to long fairways. Of the 14 driving holes, we used my drives on 12 of them. Nice.

Unfortunately, we didn?t do to well in the tourney, we came in at ?3 or ?4 something like that, I think ?8 or ?10 won. We were handicapped though. I was able to play, another guy was able to play, my colleague from work had a back problem after 9 holes so was limited in his play, and souse boy, well, need I say more?

Anyway, it was a fun day, I was impressed with my new club, and a good time was had by all.

Filed under Golf, Apr 23, 2006


First Round

I played the first round of golf this year a few days ago, April 2. It dawned pretty cold, below zero actually, but warmed up a bit by the time we teed off. By the time we were finished the 18 holes it was quite pleasant. There was a frost delay of about ? an hour.

I spent a few minutes on the range with my new driver?ppphhht! What a disaster! I only hit one ball out of an entire bucket that didn?t slice like a banana, or worse! Even after adjusting the weights to ?full hook? mode, it still sliced. I guess it?s gonna take some range work to figure it out. I played with my old driver, which quite frankly, still works fairly well.

My first hit of the year was with a 5 wood as the hole was a 90o dogleg left about 170-200 yards out. It was perfect. Straight as an arrow & the perfect length. A nice pitch onto the green & 2 putts for a par. Nice way to start. The next hole wasn?t so good, I sliced one into the rough then shanked one across a river into another fairway! ?Double bogie!

Overall it wasn?t bad, I managed one birdie a bunch of pars and managed to hit 50% of the greens, but had 2 three putts! 6 over on the front 9 and 5 over on the back 9, for an 11 over 83 on this par 72 course. I?m fairly pleased with the results I must say.

I went home afterwards & then fatigue set in. We had to walk the course as it was still a bit wet for carts & it was rather hilly. As the day wore on, I became more and more tired. Finally, after an afternoon nap, I went to bed early, every muscle in my body aching.

Getting old sucks, doesn?t it?

Filed under Golf, Apr 4, 2006


New Driver

So I decide on the spur of the moment to buy a new driver. I mean, I was there, it looked nice, so I went for it. Remembering the trouble I had near the end of the season last year with my old driver, and even though it worked fine later on (go figure?had to be the swing not the club right?) I thought why not give it a try.

It?s a BUTLER T-700. Now Butler golf it seems has been around for a while (I discovered this after a little research) and is likened by golf columnists to be akin to Ping and Taylor Made. In fact, this particular driver is the Butler version of the Taylor made R-7. If you don?t know what that is, its all the rage these days. It?s a club where you have several brass screws that you can move around on the back of the club head to create a draw, hook, fade, slice, high or low trajectory shot by where these screws are placed in the head.

I don?t know if this will actually work, but the reports are that this is a great technology that can improve your game. We?ll see I guess! It?ll be a month or so until I get to use it, so stay tuned for further developments!

Filed under Golf, Mar 18, 2006



November? It?s a time of change. Seasons are changing, leaves are falling, it?s getting colder, and it?s getting windy. Usually, at least in this part of the world, it?s not really a time for golf. HOWEVER, today the weather was nice, up to 17 Celsius (that?s about 63 for all you non metric folks). For November, temperatures like that are unheard of. Luckily, I was able to hit the golf course, perhaps (hopefully not) for the last time this season.

It was a bit breezy, about a 2-club wind I?d say, but I was relaxed and just being on the golf course was fun enough for me. I arrived and was met by a throng of people at the first tee. All the weekday regulars were there, mostly seniors, a lot of familiar faces. As a long time member you get to know pretty well everybody. They knew I was a single so let me go ahead. Nice. I tee off by myself & bang one down the middle a sweet ?ping? sounds as my club meets the ball. I race down the fairway & smack a 3 wood towards the green. A bit short as it?s a 2 club wind in my face, but pitch a 30-yard shot on & nail the 10-foot putt for a par. Hmmm?could this be an omen?

I hit a sweet 6 iron on the next par three, hit the green & come up just short for a tap in par. Nice. What going on? This is EASY! I bang another one straight as a die down the middle. What?s up with this? It?s effortless!

I?m 3 over after 9 holes, with 7 pars. I missed a couple of easy putts, but so what. My irons are working like they have a homing beacon to the green. My drives are splitting the fairway! It?s ethereal, unreal almost. I?m ?In The Zone? again!!!

I meet up with some familiar faces on the back & same thing BAM I can do no evil. A few bogies, but mostly regulation pars, or I make the up and downs. This is great! A nice day, windy, but I?m picking the right clubs & playing the cross wind perfectly. Man O man, I sure wish I could do this every time I play.

Anyway, the end result for the 18 holes is a 6 over 76, not the best round of the year, but pretty close. My handicap drops to single digits for the first time in 2 years. I?m now the proud owner of an 8.9 index, 9 handicap. I doubt if it will last, but at least I finished the year on a positive note. Now THAT feels good! All smiles, and looking forward to the next time I can wield a club on the course.

Filed under Golf, Nov 4, 2005


In The Zone

You know when you can do no evil, when even errant shots catch a good bounce, when even if your ball gets a bunker you get an up & down, when long putts drop or get so close it?s a tap in?THAT?S ?in the zone?

Today, I had my first ?in the zone? game in a while. I shot a 5 over par 75 for 18 holes, equaling my best score ever.

It was easy. It felt effortless. I was relaxed, no one to impress, no cares, just Zen: The pure joy of being on a golf course. I started as a single, but joined up with a threesome on the third hole. One of which I know, one I recognized, and another whom I have never met. It quickly became apparent that although some had better tee shots, the second shot is the money shot. :-) My game today was better than some, & managed after bogeying the first three holes (two of which I played as a single) to come in at one over for the next 6. On the back, I again started as a single, but met up with a guy I?ve played with before earlier in the year on the 5th hole. He was lamenting the fact that he was having a bad game & that I was showing him up. LOL

Even though I wasn?t driving the ball particularly well, I did hit 14 of 14 fairways. I didn?t hit it far, 230 at most, an average of 212 or so, but it was in the fairway & I had a shot at the green. Well, that tells you something! I was SPANKING my fairway woods (I only hit a 3 wood; 5 times, a 5 wood never) & my irons were on target for the most part. I hit 50% of the greens?YIKES?& had a high up & down %. Nice. My putting was OK, 28 I think for the 18; I missed a few, but made some impossible ones. The ones I missed were tap-ins.

& I hit 3 Bunkers!

So what?s up with that? I mean being ?IN THE ZONE?.

It?s nice that it happened, I sure as hell wished it happened more often.

Filed under Golf, Oct 5, 2005

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