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What exactly are tags anyway? In this context, they are words added to a photograph to help describe it. You know, where it was taken, what the subject matter is, type of camera, lens, etc. etc. They help people find pictures of a particular subject or venue

There?s a recent phenomenon that kind of bugs me, a lot, so I thought I?d rant about it.

The current trend is to ?tag? your shot with your screen name?thereby attracting people to your shot because it was taken by you. How fucking pretentious! Gag me! Lets make mediocre shots taken by a popular person even more popular. THAT alone made me write this, it crossed the line of what I could take before I had to vent. Give me a fucking break will ya? I mean, if people want to find a picture by that person, they?ll go to the photo stream, what do you need to tag it with your name for? I notice it more & more, even from talented photographers. It?s becoming sort of a sub group of the clique phenomenon.

I figure, in the end, no matter the hits, comments or faves, if it?s crap, it?s crap, if it?s good, it?s good.

Filed under General, Sep 11, 2005

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