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So I’m posting photos on my favorite photo sharing site, flickr.com, and posting in a number of groups to try & give my shots some degree of exposure. Several of the groups are “interactive”, requiring you to comment on other photos when you post one of yours. Fair enough, I always followed the rules and made comments on worthy photos. Several of these groups that were interactive were run by the same administrator, this person who’s on line moniker is “Air Milikay” (yes I’m naming names!) decides that as the supreme overlord god king emperor of the groups, he’s going to kick anyone out who has tags that are specific to other groups. In other words, if you have your shots in any other groups than his, and have that groups tags on your photos, you will get kicked out of his groups. He posted some sort of reasoning, but it was unintelligible and didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Now a bit of background, this “person” is absolutely OBSESSED with Explore, one of the most stupid things Flickr ever did. If you don’t know what Explore is, read some of my previous venom filled rants on the subject. Anyway, this is a ploy by this fucking asshole (oh, did I write that out loud?) to make his groups more “explore” friendly. Well, a bunch of people got the boot from his groups because their photos were actually in other groups. Some folks started a thread (discussion) of how this was unfair & what the heck was going on & that the administrator was a despot. Well, I agreed with the comments and quit the group that this was posted in. The next morning, I find myself BANNED from his other groups, and any dissenting threads to his magnificent omnipotent excellence deleted. SO, I’m banned for agreeing with an opinion. Not even for offering an opinion, but for agreeing with someone else’s. Free speech my fucking ass. This despotic asshole is a scourge that should be banned not only from all other groups, but also from flickr itself. Any threads disagreeing with his narrow minded opinions are summarily deleted, and the contributors banned.

Fortunately other groups have been formed as a reaction to this morons policies, in a few short days hundreds of people have flocked to the banner of freedom and reason, myself among them. The overwhelming consensus is that this piece of shit shouldn’t even be allowed on flickr.

My point is, how can stuff like this happen in an open & free society? The behaviour of this person is reprehensible and disgusting. Repugnant censorship and dictatorial despotism. This guys picture belongs next to Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, and all other despots in history. I personally hope that if there is a hell, this cocksucker burns in it.

He deserves it.

Filed under General, Feb 28, 2007

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