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Detroit. Detroit Michigan. Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Ever been there?

I have.

I live in Canada. Been to ?The States? on many, many occasions. Florida on vacation quite a few times, (hell, my folks used to live there) up & down the Eastern seaboard as a kid, D.C. to see the seat of power and the monuments, N.Y City a couple of times, South Carolina to golf. I haven?t been lately though. It?s the whole Bush terrorism thing. Scary shit.

Anyway, the past few days, I?ve had occasion to visit Detroit twice, once today, and once yesterday. It?s a fair drive from where I live, about 3 hours each way, but it was work, I was paid to go. Which quite frankly, is the only way you would ever get me there.

The city itself has quite a few impressive edifices, but as a whole, is very depressed with a lot of empty buildings and a depressing oppressive atmosphere. The first thing that greeted me was a guy in a dark uniform with a gun. They were in the custom booths at the border. They directed me to an area where my car was examined, where there were more guys in dark uniforms with guns. Jesus fucking Christ on a fucking rubber crutch! GUYS WITH FUCKING GUNS!

This, apparently, is the United States of America. Guys with guns.

I must say, if I lived in Detroit, I?d feel much safer with a gun too.

I was uncomfortable being there. I felt I was at risk. I mean, there were guys with guns there, presumably to protect the public. Lots of guys with guns. EVERYONE with a uniform, and there were LOTS of them, had a GUN. But one never knows. They all had patches?.?Homeland Security?. The signs were in English, Spanish, and Arabic. Fucking wild! I get pissed off when I pick up a package & have to read the French side first! I can?t imagine a package in Arabic. I think it must just be a border thing. ARABIC????? Gimme a break! It?s DETROIT!

You know, when I crossed the border & got back in to Canada?..sweet safe Canada??.I felt an immediate sense of relief. I couldn?t get out of Detroit fast enough.

I feel the same way about Detroit as I feel about NYC. I?m scared to go there. If I have to go to either place again in my lifetime, it will be too soon.

Guys with guns place???you can keep it!

Filed under General, Nov 3, 2006

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