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The Stupidness pool

So ya know?..I?ve been kinda pissed off lately about the whole ?Interestingness? thing on flickr, oops, sorry, ?Explore? as it?s called now.

I?ve had a ton of my shots featured, but none lately, and I do not expect with the current rules to have any more featured??.ever. They recently changed the logarithm for the 4th or 5th time over the past several months and it seems that there are several important changes, which A LOT of people just don?t agree with.

OK?so a bit of background?..

As you know if you?ve read my previous rants Flickr used to be Canadian. It was GREAT, Awesome in fact. Then because it was so great Yahoo bought it. The Yahoo people (lets call them morons for now) instituted this entire ?Interestingness? ?Explore? thing where the 500 most ?interesting? shots every day (about.01%) are featured in this pool called ?Interestingness/Explore?

OK, so basic human nature makes this, to the average person, a contest. I mean, most normal people would think that if you can make the ?top? 500 photos of the day?damn you?re good! Over time the same photographers were featured time & time again (I?m sort of sad to say I was fairly regularly featured) which sort of screwed things up, so the morons (see above) started applying rules in a more and more obscure fashion. This of course started people weaseling ways that they could make the elusive ?Interestingness/Explore? (lets call it the ?This has Become Stupid? pool shall we?) daily list, because, lets face it, they are humans and are subject to basic human nature. Hence, this naturally spawned the birth of ?you must make so many comments? groups, and the like.

So, the morons (see above) are now saying??OH?it?s not a contest?, ?It?s not about good or bad?. Reading several threads in several different groups today, I was amused to see that many people, some of whom are included in my original contacts and very active on flickr, still think that this is indeed a benchmark of quality. They are sadly deluded.

So, the morons (see above) applied some rules, which after some research today became crystal clear. It seems that to combat the same people being in the ?This has Become Stupid? pool (see above), the morons (see above) are punishing multi group posting. Not only that, they are punishing posting in selected groups. i.e. groups where you are required to leave comments on others photos. They even actively discourage multi group posting, while at the same time giving tutorials on why you should post to groups, how to post to groups, and how to make your own group!

Without posting to a group or forum where you can expose your efforts to a wide audience, how are you going to be seen? Sure after time, you?ll develop a bit of a ?clique? (don?t get me started on this, flickr is one fucking clique spot & this pisses me off even more! There are plenty of groups that you won?t get to post in unless you?re part of the favored inner circle) of people who regularly view your work. Hence the ?family/friends and Contacts? concept. BTW?the morons(see above) are now even figuring into the formula for the ?This has Become Stupid? pool (see above) on how many contacts you have!

NOW?..I post on flickr to expose my shots to a wide audience. To let people see what I am doing with my camera. It has expanded my artistic ability and broadened my horizons immeasurably. I have made many friends. NOW, the morons (see above) are restricting my outlet for creativity by PUNISHING me for multi group posting, particularly in groups where I KNOW people have an opportunity to look at my shots because they are required to comment or view.

So, it boils down to this. The morons(see above) have set up a system whereby people naturally compete to be in it. It?s called human nature. They now say?"We just want to show a cross section of "interesting" photos" and ?Oh it?s not a contest?, but they set it up that way.



OK, they should abolish the ?This has Become Stupid? pool (see above) and make it a completely RANDOM viewing of shots from the day. That would solve ALL the animosity, competitive bullshit, hundreds of discussions, and myriad of problems.

Now that I've spewed as much venom as possible and have that off my chest I feel marginally better. After all, it's my blog! Just my 2 cents worth!

Filed under General, Oct 31, 2006

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