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Ok, so it?s been a while since I?ve posted. Been busy. Life shit you know?

Anyway, I?ve been exploring the limitations & boundaries of my camera, an advanced amateur DSLR. Lately, I?ve posted on flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/redmann) some pics I?m quite proud of, as I?ve used the cameras capability to make them. I haven?t post processed much other than basic cropping & balance. I?ve been able to take macros with a zoom lens, with quite a nice depth of field, and make a shot look like an oil painting, just with camera settings & focus etc. You know what?


Well, not anyone, some people are, but not nearly as many as look at my other stuff. Go figure. Real photography sucks, post-processing rules.

The pics people look at are the pretty glam shot, post processed to the max. Screw actually taking a real photograph with a camera. All you need is a point & shoot & Photoshop.

I AM depressed! What a sorry state of affairs. Real photography takes a back seat to digital manipulation. Oh well?I guess I should roll with the changes & just post process the shit out of everything!

Filed under General, Jul 20, 2006

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