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First Tournament

With the first tournament of the season under my belt, I guess that the golf season is in swing. Speaking of the first tournament, what a hoot. It was a best ball put on by Fosters, a local restaurant. I was hooked up with a friend from work, and a couple of people whom I didn?t know, one of which is a fairly good golfer, the other, well, he talked the talk, but was pretty well soused by the time the bus left for the course so was next to useless for most of the tourney!

It started out early, we all met, about 40 or so, of us at the restaurant and had Baileys & coffee for breakfast (souse boy is already into the beer & won?t shut up). Onto a bus hired for the occasion & off we go to Ironwood golf course. We get there & amid mass confusion finally get to tee off. I brought my new driver with me ?just in case?. As this is a best ball, I can afford to make a few shots with it & see what happens.

The first hole I use my old driver & aim left guarding against a fade. How was I to know I?d hit it straight? Fortunately, it careened off a tree & ended up in the middle of the fairway, the longest ball & the drive we used. Go figure! Anyway, we play on & my drives continue to be used as I?m actually striking the ball fairly well off the tee. Around the 5th hole or so I?m convinced to take my new beast out of the bag & give it a try. I SPANK it down the middle of the fairway! MAN?WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! This is awesome! Straight & long!

The happiness continues as hole after hole I manage to poke some really good shots out there. My confidence level increases & I actually look forward to long fairways. Of the 14 driving holes, we used my drives on 12 of them. Nice.

Unfortunately, we didn?t do to well in the tourney, we came in at ?3 or ?4 something like that, I think ?8 or ?10 won. We were handicapped though. I was able to play, another guy was able to play, my colleague from work had a back problem after 9 holes so was limited in his play, and souse boy, well, need I say more?

Anyway, it was a fun day, I was impressed with my new club, and a good time was had by all.

Filed under Golf, Apr 23, 2006

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