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First Round

I played the first round of golf this year a few days ago, April 2. It dawned pretty cold, below zero actually, but warmed up a bit by the time we teed off. By the time we were finished the 18 holes it was quite pleasant. There was a frost delay of about ? an hour.

I spent a few minutes on the range with my new driver?ppphhht! What a disaster! I only hit one ball out of an entire bucket that didn?t slice like a banana, or worse! Even after adjusting the weights to ?full hook? mode, it still sliced. I guess it?s gonna take some range work to figure it out. I played with my old driver, which quite frankly, still works fairly well.

My first hit of the year was with a 5 wood as the hole was a 90o dogleg left about 170-200 yards out. It was perfect. Straight as an arrow & the perfect length. A nice pitch onto the green & 2 putts for a par. Nice way to start. The next hole wasn?t so good, I sliced one into the rough then shanked one across a river into another fairway! ?Double bogie!

Overall it wasn?t bad, I managed one birdie a bunch of pars and managed to hit 50% of the greens, but had 2 three putts! 6 over on the front 9 and 5 over on the back 9, for an 11 over 83 on this par 72 course. I?m fairly pleased with the results I must say.

I went home afterwards & then fatigue set in. We had to walk the course as it was still a bit wet for carts & it was rather hilly. As the day wore on, I became more and more tired. Finally, after an afternoon nap, I went to bed early, every muscle in my body aching.

Getting old sucks, doesn?t it?

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