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Interestingness rant...AGAIN!

When I went to Cuba for the seventh time, a few months ago, I took almost 800 photos. I went through them & culled them down to a few that were worthy of posting online, on my favorite online photo sharing site, flickr.

If you don?t know the history of flickr, they used to be a Canadian company, based in B.C.. They had some marvelous technology, but a larger American company, Yahoo, bought out flickr. So, Flickr is no longer Canadian, it?s now American.

Flickr has this thing called ?Interestingness?, which lately anyway, has become complete bullshit & is increasingly becoming more & more stupid and ridiculous. The idea is that out of the thousands & thousands of photos that are submitted daily, the top 500 ?most interesting? photos are featured in ?explore? or ?interestingness? as they are called on this web site.

Now, they supposedly have this logarithm for figuring things out, you know, to see what makes it. Well, they?ve changed it lately & it just SUCKS. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. A picture with 12 views, 2 comments & 1 favorite may make it, while one with several hundred views, 30 comments and 20 favorites may not. Not only that but, images that are not even photographs are making it. I mean, screen shots? COME ON!!! Someone once asked me how to make ?interestingness?. I said, ?Take a picture of a cat?.

I mean, give me a fucking break. What genius decided that screen shots, mosaics and things that just aren?t even photographs should make it to a photographic site ?interestingness? section?

I?ve heard it?s based on ?tags?. Tags are key words that describe what your photo is about. The hot tag these days is HDR, which stands for ?High Dynamic Range?. It?s basically three pictures taken at different exposures then blended together with software. Again, not really photographs, but images. It seems ANYTHING with this tag will make it, no matter if it?s good or not. The dullest ordinary landscape will be high on the list, as long as it has the HDR tag.

My Cuba pictures, naturally, are tagged with ?Cuba?. Some of them are quite good, so I have been told, and the number of views, comments and favorites I have received confirms that. Some have even been, at prompting from my contemporaries, entered in photo contests. Despite the accolades of my peers, the hundreds of views, comments and favorites, to a photo, they are devoid of ?interestingness?.

NOW?a lot of them made it early on (the photos change over time), but were almost immediately dropped. I have had well over 100 of my posted photos, about 20% or so featured there at one time or another, but these latest ones, some of which are my best, have the most views, comments & favorites (the ones tagged CUBA), are seemingly banned from this selection of work. Remember it?s an American company now. CUBA is a pretty politically incorrect word for America. Gee?they aren?t there! What fucking bullshit.

They wonder why a lot of the rest of the world hates them.

Go figure.

Filed under General, Apr 3, 2006

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