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So I order a pizza for dinner the other night from some place that is named after a popular game played with pieces with dots on them. Well, several actually, it seems you can?t order just one anymore. It?s two for one, or two with some special feature, a six pack of pop or garlic bread or some special ?finger? bread, or some other stuff. The place, well corporate entity actually, I ordered from advertised in a flyer that for $18.99 (remember this price), you could get two MEDIUM pizzas and an order of some sort of ?special? bread.

OK, I?ll bite; we?ve been out all day out of town and are tired. I?m up for Chinese, but apparently to my beloved wife, pizza is easier. Granted. No plates, no hassle. (But wait)

I pick up the phone & order the $18.99 special, two medium pizzas, some sort of ?special? bread (who cares), yes?please deliver that (why the fuck else would I order pizza?) I pay by credit card. How much I ask?

$26 he says?..


How does $18.99 turn into $26???? That?s like over 30% more!!!!!

Taxes & delivery. Well, Taxes I can understand, after all we have to pay the universally hated Grab & Squander Tax (GST) instituted by Brian Mulroney in a Conservative Govt. some years ago (if you voted conservative, I blame YOU for this, those people are in power again and who knows what evils they will inflict on the country this time), and then DELIVERY.

Excuse me? Delivery? This IS pizza isn?t it?

I remember a time when pizza was a deal. When you ordered a (one) medium pizza, it would feed three or 4 people. A medium was a medium, not some dinky little disc of ingredients barely warmed because they have to get it to you before ? an hour is up. The crust was crisp & tasty. The ingredients perfectly proportioned and elegantly presented. And delivery was FREE!!!!

While this particular order was tasty enough, ingredients nicely proportioned & presented, the miniscule discs we received were sorely lacking in substance. This apparently, is a common phenomenon in today?s corporate pizza world.

I sure miss the independently run family pizza places. Where a medium was a medium, not a small, where delivery was free, where ?extra? stuff, like ?finger bread? wasn?t necessary because the product you received was so excellent.

The dotted game piece pizza place that charges over 30% more than they advertise will never receive an order from me again!

Filed under General, Mar 10, 2006

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