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Do you ever have a hard time remembering things? Does your memory fail you from time to time? Join the club. Now try & imagine, trying to remember great lengths of text, verbatim.

I think that the older you get, the harder it is. I don?t remember having that much trouble as a kid remembering poems that were required to be memorized (but then again, it was so long go I don?t really remember?LOL) but lately, I seem to be having difficulty remembering things I?m trying very hard TO remember.

The funny thing is, as I recite the text I?m trying to learn, I recall it all perfectly in my mind, but speaking out loud, particularly in front of someone, makes my mind a blank slate & the prose I had so diligently practiced for hours is nowhere to be found in my addled brain. I find in the morning hours I am fine, but as the day progresses, my head starts to ache and the forgetfulness sinks in.

The weird thing is, is that the next day, I am miraculously able to recall the very things that I had been unable to commit to memory the day before.


Filed under General, Jan 23, 2006

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