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What does this mean?

Well, in this case it means that some whining hypocritical toadies, lets call them ?Progressive? Conservatives, weren?t happy with being relegated to almost non party status because they completely pissed everyone off by instituting the G.S.T (Grab & Squander Tax) and almost destroying the Country, decided to back stab & snipe the ruling party who have brought the country back into the world political arena & made it the envy of the world community. I mean, if you say you are Canadian, people respect you, and feel that you are lucky to live in such a free, socially responsible, democratic, and Liberal, (not close minded and single purposed) thinking nation.

So, lets go on track record?


(read hypocritical back stabbing toadies)?It basically sucks..A Tax everyone hates, almost destroying the social safety net Canada is famous for, privatizing health care (American Style, we KNOW that doesn?t work!) back stabbing, hypocritical, political assassins, lets get in power no matter what by a smear campaign because we don?t have a good track record & want to fool stupid uninformed forgetful people into voting for us.


Bringing Canada back onto the world stage, re-enforcing the social safety net, keeping the world famous health care going, continuing to make a strong economy, making Canada a great place to live & be proud to be from.


Pretty well the same as the Liberals except they don?t realistically have a chance?yet!

Green Party

Nice concept, no real track record, but a wasted vote the way our political system works.

Bloc Quebecois

They used to hang traitors didn?t they?? Or, at least shoot them. These days I think it?s lethal injection. I think anyone who is trying to break the country up is a traitor and should be dealt with as such. I can?t believe they made up the official opposition in the last parliament. These folks are trying to destroy Canada (see above under P.C.s for the subtrifuge rather than outright treason). While I agree with free speech, treason is a crime?. isn?t it?

You may not, but again you may, agree with my own personal political views. Please?make up your own mind. Your views are your own, Just make sure they are informed, unbiased by political rhetoric and advertising from ALL parties, and from your heart. That?s what makes a democracy great. ?

Just make sure you VOTE!!

(Guess whom I?m voting for)

Filed under General, Jan 17, 2006

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