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Three Times Lucky

Talk about 3 times lucky. I guess this sort of fits in with the
things happen in threes rant. It started a few nights ago. I?ve been waiting with some degree of angst, nervousness and anticipation for my initiation into a brotherhood of men. It was all set for next Monday & this Monday after work over a few libations I had a nice discussion with a friend & colleague about ?stuff? pertaining to the craft. I was feeling pretty good about things & settled down after supper & a few beers to a nice evening surfing & watching the tube. I was feeling pretty comfy, if you know what I mean, when the phone rings about 8:00 & it?s my friend. Apparently the candidate who was scheduled to have a date with the goat that evening was a no show, so he was pleading with me to make an appearance a week early. Well, adrenaline city & I whip on a suit & make my way to the meeting, a week early, all of a sudden, no time to even think about it. That?s a stroke of luck I guess as I saved all that angst and nervousness of the build up. That?s one.

Later in the evening, after the ceremony, we all retreated to a nicely appointed hall for food and drinks. It seems that there is a draw for a bottle of Scotch,

$5 for 3 tickets. Tonight there are two draws however, a second for a cane that would be donated to an older member who was in need. So, I have three tickets. As the new guy, I am asked to make the draw. The tickets are mixed up & held in a tub above my head so that I can?t see them. Well, I draw one of my three numbers as the winner! LOL?I get the Scotch (to be shared among everyone, it disappeared rather quickly). I make a second draw, ANOTHER one of my numbers! You can?t win twice I?m told, so draw again. The tickets are mixed again & I draw one more time. ANOTHER one of my numbers! I?ve drawn all three of my numbers in a row! LOL?I was told to go out & buy some lottery tickets immediately! LOL?That?s two.

The next day, home on lunch break at noon, my computer spontaneously reboots & won?t find the hard drive. I figure I?ll reboot & get into the cmos to force it to recognize it. It won?t even open the cmos. YIKES! I?m thinking this is probably a karma thing regarding the run of luck I had the previous evening. My entire life is on there, if I lose my data I?m pooched. Over a months worth of digital photos; complicated spread sheets, mailing lists?the works. I take the machine in to the genius we take our stuff to & he says he?ll have a look at it. I?m thinking at this point that it might not be the hard drive, perhaps the mother board as the inability to access the cmos was suspicious. There may be hope yet! I go in the next day (today) & am told good news & bad news. The good news is, he can?t find anything wrong with it. The bad news, he doesn?t know why it would reboot like that & not access my hard drive. ?No Charge? he says, but I take the opportunity to buy an external hard drive case you can swap hard drives in & out of & a spare hard drive just to be used for backups. No sense-tempting fate! I figure. That?s the lucky three!

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