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Teenage Pant Hell

Do you have a child who is now a teenager? Yes? Too bad! I have two. Imagine how I feel! Do you ever go shopping with them? To buy (shudder) clothes? Then you know what I?m about to talk about.

OK, my 16 year old son, who was such a cute baby, (lol, what happened? I must say that on the whole he?s still a really great guy though) decides he needs some new pants. Apparently the pants I think are good aren?t good enough, not ?fashionable? enough. --OH Ghohd, --Don?t buy those?You know the story. Soooo I think to myself, we have to spend money on fashion rather than durability and practicality (well, OK, fashion is in there but I want them to last more than a month or two). OK, I?m enlightened (sort of, but not at all according to 16 year old pant boy), so I?ll go along as long as it fits in the budget.


Apparently pant boy has specific things in mind, but no matter what we show him, or where we go (my poor suffering wife, who is actually their step-mother is with me) nothing is good enough. We show him all the jeans, all brands, blue, black, stone washed, distressed, regular fit, loose fit, straight leg, boot cut, you name it?nothing is right. We get the ?wrong? colour (its? a BLUE jean for Christ?s sake!)

The wrong cut, not quite right?& THAT?S when he actually tells us anything! We ask him what he wants?

?I don?t know?


Can you show us what you want?..

He stands sullen & silent.

Show us what colour you want?

He stands sullen & silent

Do you like these?

?Um, not really??

How about these?

?Um, not really??

This happens store after store.

We find a pair of pants that may work (I wanted to get a couple of pairs, but will settle for anything at this point)

OK?he goes to try them on. He emerges 10 minutes later?. they ?sort of fit? but I have lots of black pants already!


Apparently (this is great), he thinks Blue Jeans don?t ?go with? anything. Amazing. The singular, most popular pant in the world, because it goes with ANYTHING, isn?t good enough because it won?t match the rest of his wardrobe.

After several stores of the same thing I lose patience & say, OK?this is over! We drive home?pant less.

After an angst filled confrontation at home where we are showed the EXACT shade of blue jean should be (whatever happened to fading them in the wash???), I concede to take pant boy back tomorrow & look at a pair that he saw that were 2 sizes too big (he?s a 31 waist, these were a 34) that were the only ones he liked.

Did I cave, or is this just stupid? Man; Teenagers. They were so cute when they were babies. LOL

Filed under General, Nov 19, 2005

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