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I guess things happen in threes. You?ve heard this right? Well you know, I think it?s true.

Last weekend my wife & I went to the big smoke for the weekend, reservations postponed from a few weeks back because my poor sweetheart contracted pneumonia. It was for her 50th, erm I mean 39th! She was feeling much better now though, so we went for our postponed weekend getaway. The weekend was great, blogs to write, but this is about three?the number that things happen in. It?s a weird thing.

OK, so we?re driving home, the car has been a bit iffy lately on the radiator front. Small leak, I poured some ?stop leak? crapolla into it a few weeks back & topped up the anti freeze. I've monitored it since then & checked it before the trip & all was fine. The trip in went well. The trip back however??.

It?s about 170 klicks from DT to home base, I hit the highway & booming along at 100 klicks SMOKE starts pouring out from the back of my vehicle. What the???? No idiot lights going off, gauges normal?OK?I decide to keep on driving, eyes on the gauges. The smoke stops. I?m particularly interested in the temp gauge as the coolant problem reared its head a few weeks back. I turn on the heater full, with full fan to make sure it keeps cool. The air coming out is hotter than I have ever felt. I have to make it home! Eventually, 30 or so klicks later, it feels cool?OH OH?no more coolant in the rad? The temp gauge starts rising?.a few more klicks & it starts rising rapidly! I pull off at the nearest exit, which fortunately appears almost immediately. Smoke is now pouring from the engine compartment as I make my way off the road to the nearest place where I can stop. Fortunately this was a rest area with restaurants (and washrooms!). I open the hood & hear the hissing of antifreeze hitting a hot engine. Hopefully it?s only a rad hose, but we?re still 120 km away from home with a dead vehicle.

The tow was a hoot actually, (no charge to me: auto club, just a tad over $400 if I wasn?t a member) but perhaps more on that later. Anyway, my vehicle sits at my mechanics, which because he?s REALLY REALLY GOOD, is understandably busy & can?t look at it for almost a week!

That?s ONE

I?m at work, a day later, and being a driver as a profession, I have some serious sunglasses. Prescription, even though I don?t need them as a condition for my license, I have them because they make driving easier. Street signs are soooo much easier to read.

I?m in a building, taking my hyper expensive glasses off to put them in their case & then safely in my pocket, when the tiny screw that holds one of my lenses in, has worked loose & lets go. My expensive, prescription, glass lens falls in slow motion to the floor, which of course is made of concrete, and smashes into a thousand shards.

That?s TWO

A few days later in the week, I get up & take my morning ablutions. I turn on the sink to shave. The plug is closed. The sink starts filling up. I push the rod to open the plug & nothing happens. Oh Oh. It?s been acting up, but so what?well now it doesn?t work?THAT?S so what.


Now I have a sink full of water, full of shaving hair. YUK! I brush my teeth in the kitchen.

That?s not quite three. Just wait.

I manage to get the water out of the sink at lunchtime by removing the plug from the bottom. The rod that moved it up and down had rusted through. There?s a plastic piece that the stopper screws on to. After work I think that I should put this piece back in the sink to prevent toothbrushes & the like from falling into the trap. I position it over the hole (which is supposed to have the remnants of the rod that pushed it up & down still there, at least it did when I took the sucker out!) & PLOP, down into the trap it goes. Now?

That?s THREE!!!

Go figure

Filed under General, Nov 17, 2005

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