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November? It?s a time of change. Seasons are changing, leaves are falling, it?s getting colder, and it?s getting windy. Usually, at least in this part of the world, it?s not really a time for golf. HOWEVER, today the weather was nice, up to 17 Celsius (that?s about 63 for all you non metric folks). For November, temperatures like that are unheard of. Luckily, I was able to hit the golf course, perhaps (hopefully not) for the last time this season.

It was a bit breezy, about a 2-club wind I?d say, but I was relaxed and just being on the golf course was fun enough for me. I arrived and was met by a throng of people at the first tee. All the weekday regulars were there, mostly seniors, a lot of familiar faces. As a long time member you get to know pretty well everybody. They knew I was a single so let me go ahead. Nice. I tee off by myself & bang one down the middle a sweet ?ping? sounds as my club meets the ball. I race down the fairway & smack a 3 wood towards the green. A bit short as it?s a 2 club wind in my face, but pitch a 30-yard shot on & nail the 10-foot putt for a par. Hmmm?could this be an omen?

I hit a sweet 6 iron on the next par three, hit the green & come up just short for a tap in par. Nice. What going on? This is EASY! I bang another one straight as a die down the middle. What?s up with this? It?s effortless!

I?m 3 over after 9 holes, with 7 pars. I missed a couple of easy putts, but so what. My irons are working like they have a homing beacon to the green. My drives are splitting the fairway! It?s ethereal, unreal almost. I?m ?In The Zone? again!!!

I meet up with some familiar faces on the back & same thing BAM I can do no evil. A few bogies, but mostly regulation pars, or I make the up and downs. This is great! A nice day, windy, but I?m picking the right clubs & playing the cross wind perfectly. Man O man, I sure wish I could do this every time I play.

Anyway, the end result for the 18 holes is a 6 over 76, not the best round of the year, but pretty close. My handicap drops to single digits for the first time in 2 years. I?m now the proud owner of an 8.9 index, 9 handicap. I doubt if it will last, but at least I finished the year on a positive note. Now THAT feels good! All smiles, and looking forward to the next time I can wield a club on the course.

Filed under Golf, Nov 4, 2005

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