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Halloween is for Kids

Halloween. I have fond memories of it as a kid, going from door to door in my costume. I also have fond memories making costumes for my kids. Pouring hours into elaborate things that were worthy of a movie set or a stage somewhere. I?ve been living in the same house for over 17 years now, and over that span have seen many a great costume greet me with the traditional ?trick or treat?. So, when this year came around I went dutifully to the grocery store & bought dozens of bags of potato chips to hand out to the creatively dressed children that I anticipated knocking on my door. Camera at the ready I awaited their arrival, thinking I would make a collage of all their costumes to post on flickr, my favorite photo sharing site.

I am?disappointed.

A witch and her baby first greeted us, cool enough, at least they were both in costume & Mum was getting into the spirit by dressing herself as well as her youngster up. We wait some more & another timid knock, it?s a bee, another youngster whose parental unit waits at the curb.

Now it gets sad. Time goes by, I?ve got a mountain of chips in individual sealed bags specially sold just for this occasion here. An hour or so later, closing in on 8:45, a group of 4 teenagers, one of whom you can barely even tell has a costume on (I think it was an inside out sweatshirt) arrive & hold out their bags. I pop in the chips & the guy in the sweatshirt turns to leave. Camera in hand I say woah, hold on there, the price for the chips is a photo. He stays & I capture the group for eternity.

9:00 comes & goes and about 9:15 another knock on the door. I?m blown away. It?s some woman easily in her 30s, and another probably mid to late 20s, both are smoking, no costumes, with a baby stroller in which sits an infant who?s only costume is a cap with ears on it. Some guy stands at the end of the driveway, a cigarette glowing in his hand. Trick or treat they go. Well, I pop a bag into the younger womans bag (for the infant I suppose, still he/she looks far to young to even be awake at this hour). I ask them to hold on while I take a snap of the baby. The guy at the end of the driveway starts to approach, the women wave him off saying that I?m just taking a picture. (Like I?m an axe murderer or something). Once done, the older woman asks me for another bag of chips for her daughter. Well, huh? Where's your daughter? Why isn't she here, in costume? I hand one over anyway(I mean, I?ve got lots).

Now, this kind of bugs me. Two obviously un-costumed adults, who make my entrance hall reek of cigarette smoke, out with an infant who is barely costumed, demanding more swag. Gimme a break. What ever happened to Halloween being for kids?


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