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Restaurant Blues

So my parents come for a visit & they want to take us out to dinner. Fine, we make a reservation at a local restaurant, which I have never been to dinner there before, but the lunch I had there once was tasty & well prepared. It?s a sort of Bistro type of place; it would easily fit in on Queen Street in Toronto. Anyway, we get there & are seated. The menus arrive. I glance at the prices?YIKES!! Are they serious? I guess usually just eating out at lunchtime has spoiled me. The prices are astronomical. Well, we?re here so we may as well enjoy ourselves.

We order & get some drinks. After a little while my wife?s salad arrives, along with a tiny single slice of bread for each of us & a sugar cube sized pat of butter to be shared between the four of us. That didn?t last long. The drinks disappear, time goes on, the salad is long finished, and it?s now ? of an hour since we ordered. There?s still no food.

We snag a server and inquire about the delay. It seems that they were waiting for the salads to be finished BEFORE they started to prepare the main courses! Well, that?s strange; you?d think that they would be preparing them to be served immediately after the salad. We ask for more butter & perhaps some more bread so we don?t die of starvation and are met with an incredulous ?I?ll bring more when what you have is finished?.

What outstanding service!

We can?t believe it! We show the smear left on the inside of the espresso cup sized butter container and another single small slice of bread per person and miniscule pat arrives.

Soon after that our overpriced meals finally arrive. It?s now close to an hour after we ordered.

They were OK, I guess, but not exceptional. One of our parties didn?t like it, another thought it was very good, and two distinct mediocre. For the prices charged I expected much better.

What gets me about this is the unbelievable lack of service. A restaurant is supposed to be run to please the customer, not to make it easier for the staff. Granted they were probably short staffed, but that again is not the customer?s problem, it?s a sign of poor management.

The bill is paid & we leave, probably never to return.

Filed under General, Oct 18, 2005

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