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In The Zone

You know when you can do no evil, when even errant shots catch a good bounce, when even if your ball gets a bunker you get an up & down, when long putts drop or get so close it?s a tap in?THAT?S ?in the zone?

Today, I had my first ?in the zone? game in a while. I shot a 5 over par 75 for 18 holes, equaling my best score ever.

It was easy. It felt effortless. I was relaxed, no one to impress, no cares, just Zen: The pure joy of being on a golf course. I started as a single, but joined up with a threesome on the third hole. One of which I know, one I recognized, and another whom I have never met. It quickly became apparent that although some had better tee shots, the second shot is the money shot. :-) My game today was better than some, & managed after bogeying the first three holes (two of which I played as a single) to come in at one over for the next 6. On the back, I again started as a single, but met up with a guy I?ve played with before earlier in the year on the 5th hole. He was lamenting the fact that he was having a bad game & that I was showing him up. LOL

Even though I wasn?t driving the ball particularly well, I did hit 14 of 14 fairways. I didn?t hit it far, 230 at most, an average of 212 or so, but it was in the fairway & I had a shot at the green. Well, that tells you something! I was SPANKING my fairway woods (I only hit a 3 wood; 5 times, a 5 wood never) & my irons were on target for the most part. I hit 50% of the greens?YIKES?& had a high up & down %. Nice. My putting was OK, 28 I think for the 18; I missed a few, but made some impossible ones. The ones I missed were tap-ins.

& I hit 3 Bunkers!

So what?s up with that? I mean being ?IN THE ZONE?.

It?s nice that it happened, I sure as hell wished it happened more often.

Filed under Golf, Oct 5, 2005

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