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Interestingness. Sooooo, what exactly is interestingness anyway?? Well, on Flickr, it?s based on some algorithm or something that says whether your photo is interesting to others or not, or interesting to the algorithm, or whatever. Some computer thing I guess.

Something interesting about this?I have a popular picture, over 400 hits, that is top of my hits list & top of my comments list (well, until this week), and until yesterday, top of my interestingness list. Heh! Just wait.

Well this particular shot was #1. Well, I posted it to this group, 300 views, and it IMMEDIATELY dumped to #27 or 28 from #1 on my interestingness list. Holy crap. OK, lets remove it from the group & see what happens. Nothing. OK, lets put it back in. BAM, down to #180 on the list!!! HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!! I tried this with another photo?same thing. Big dump. Next day another photo?same thing, this one dropped 150 spots in my interesting list just by putting it in this group. Now what?s up with that?

Go figure. Stupid computers anyway!

Filed under General, Sep 30, 2005

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