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Broken Driver

So I think my driver is broken. I don?t mean my swing, or the way I hit it, I mean the actual club.

Over the past several weeks, I?ve noticed a marked decrease in distance achieved, not to mention accuracy. It?s creeping in there, getting worse & worse. Occasionally I?ll hit one almost like I used to, but more & more often, pure crap.

It started about a month ago when all of a sudden it stopped working. OK, slump I think. Lets fix it. What am I doing wrong? Well, I hit the practice range, I?ve played a bit, but today took the prize for ?what the fuck??

I built this club about 3 or 4 years ago or so and it has been performing well in my bag for several seasons. This is the club I'm leaning on and the same one I shot my hole in one with in this picture. I bought the head on e-bay from a golf shop in North Carolina, an Integra 400cc ?slice killer? offset head, 10.5o beta titanium face, it?s a nice looking head that has performed well. I have some lead tape on the bottom to increase head weight marginally, & it has worked well. I got the shaft from a wholesale golf supplier in Mississauga Ontario. The shaft is a UST Proforce 65 ATR. It?s a nice shaft. It's cut down an inch or so because I'm a tall guy & have long arms. I?m on my second or third grip. I?m currently using a Lamkin Crossline full cord. It?s a nice club that has performed well, until lately.

The sound has changed. The distance & accuracy has changed. All my other clubs, irons, and my other woods, 3 & 5 work fine, just this one is screwed.

OK, it used to go ?dink? when you hit it, then the ball would go down the middle, nice & long, always over 200, sometimes up to 250 or more. Average around 220 or so. Nice. (You?d be surprised if you kept a tally, you don?t hit the ball as far as you think you do off the tee!) Now it goes SPLAT! Not ?dink? but SPLAT. The ball goes about 160-180 yards & goes left to right in a wicked slice about 30 yards or more. I?m checking the clubface to see where I?ve hit the ball; it?s in the same place when it sent it down the middle about 220. I?m using the same swing that sent it down the middle. I?m using the same swing that works with all my other clubs. What the fuck? I mean, I hit one drive an amazing 100 yards today! SPLAT?100 yards with a wicked slice!! What?s up with that? I mean the sound?SPLAT, not ?dink??but SPLAT!!!!

Something is very very wrong.

Filed under Golf, Sep 27, 2005

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