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So what is it with tournaments anyway? Why is it you can be shooting fairly well pretty consistently & then a tournament comes along & BAM, it?s like you?ve never played before. Weird.

Take yesterday?s tournament at Mitchell for an example. Not quite as bad as the ?round from hell?, but not far off. I was 8 over after the first 3 holes! I actually managed 7 pars, no birdies though, although I had a few opportunities & it almost dropped in for one on one hole (checked up an inch short on an uphill putt). Man, did I get into trouble. I had 2 unplayable lies, a penalty stroke, and I managed to hit 4 bunkers, 3 of them on 3 consecutive holes! The sand was like concrete slurry. It had rained the day before & it was hard, sort of akin to the sand on a beach after a wave recedes. It was too soft to pick the ball out, but too hard for a regular sand shot. That cost me plenty let me tell you. I actually putted out of one bunker it was so hard! One of my playing partners, a good golfer, he?s a very low handicapper at a 2-4 level took 3 strokes to get out of one! Now THAT tells you something! Still, I shouldn?t have been in them in the first place right?

I?ve played this course before & shot well, low 80s, but low 90s this time, 89 after equitable stroke control. Yuck! Still, I didn?t come in last. At least that?s something. HAH! Despite my 7 pars, I had a few triple bogies & a bunch of doubles (remember the unplayable lies & penalty stroke? Remember that slice? It's baaaaaack!). Moments of brilliance but also moments of sheer unadulterated crapola!

Still, all said & done it was a fun day spent with friends on a golf course. You can?t go wrong there!

Filed under Golf, Sep 18, 2005

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