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So what?s the story with wires? You know, cords.

The other day I had to move my monitor off the top of my computer to put in some more RAM (yay a gig now), & then after getting everything to work again & back where it was supposed to be, noticed my desktop speakers weren?t working.


The stereo hook up, all speakers, living room, dining room, kitchen, & back porch are all working when tested, just no desktop. What the hell is up with that?

OK, I figure a jack must have come unplugged. No problem, I?ll just plug it back in. Well I decide to leave it to the morning, right before work, when I figure a few seconds, a minute at most.


I shift my monitor move my box a bit, & peer behind the machine. What greets my eyes? A tangled mass of wires that defies description! It?s incredible! How did this happen? I mean, when I added things, when I last ?hooked things up? everything was organized! I can play music from my computer to the home stereo, to any room (or porch) I have speakers. I can rip MP3s from my turntable, I can play my I-pod through it all. I can do ANYTHING audio! How did they inexplicably tangle themselves into the most incredible knot of twisted interlaced confused wires ever to meet the human eye?

THAT is the question!

I mean, I DID have all this stuff organized. It was supposed to be just sitting there. I have to move the monitor a bit more to get at them a bit better?.SHIT?that unplugs some more things! I can?t find the ends! I search & search, I use a flashlight, I crawl under the desk, and I look & look no ends! I try moving my headset in & out of the wires, it catches on everything & eventually breaks off the earpiece. CRAP! I have to actually cut the headset wire to get it untangled. Scratch one headset. Oh well, I didn't use it much anyway I guess! It?s hot, the sweat is pouring off me, I only have a few minutes before I have to leave for work, and my shirt is soaked. (Imagine the angst here!!!!!)

Well, Fuck it, I go & change my shirt & then I have to go off to work. One last quick look first though?well, there it is! The errant plug; just off floor level. I plug it in & problem solved. WHEW. At least I don?t have to brew about it until lunchtime when I can try & fix it again.

OK, so what happened? I had a perfectly wired system, no problems, that turned into an unbeliebably tangled mess. How did this happen? I?m convinced that they try & breed at night, their sweaty wire skins rubbing against each other in their wire sex throes, twisting & winding until they can?t move any more. Or they conspire to make the most impenetrable morass of knotted hell that is imaginable & do it surreptitiously when you?re not looking.

Either that or its aliens.

Filed under General, Sep 16, 2005

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