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Photoshop - The Dark Side

Photoshop is a program that manipulates digital images to the Nth degree. You can make a picture into just about anything you want. You can turn a photograph into something that doesn?t even resemble the original. Is this a good thing, or an evil force to be reckoned with?

Surfing on flickr, my favorite photo sharing site, I?ve noticed many images manipulated with this program. Some to the detriment of the shot by rank amateurs of the program; others skillfully crafted & enhanced to make an incredible image. My question is, is this still a photograph, or now just a computer generated image?

I guess part of the beauty of digital photography is that you can do this. Still, on one hand you have a photo with great composition that can be made better, on the other you have crap that is manipulated to the point where it resembles something else. Is this still crap, or all of a sudden ?art? ?

You have the question of enhancement, to rid the shot of small flaws, or gross manipulation to change the image completely. Is this the Dark Side of photoshop? How far do you go?

Pictures, art, or just crap?

After seeing some of the beautiful enhancements, I?m tempted to go over to the ?Dark Side? and learn this program. However, will I then I cease to be a photographer, and become more of a computer software user or photo manipulator?

Help me Obi-Wan?.you?re my only hope?

Filed under General, Sep 12, 2005

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