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Slice Cure

Ok, so I?ve been a little ?erratic? on the tee since the "round from hell". BUT, I think I figured it out.

Today, I screwed up my first several driver shots (let?s not even get into irons moan)But chatting with a playing partner on the 5th tee block, it was mentioned that it looked like I was trying to ?kill? the ball.

Well shit! BINGO! A light bulb lights, a bell goes off, pure epiphany.

Let up, easy clean swing, a bit less hips, BINGO!! Right down the middle, pure & long. Perfect!

It worked for the rest of the round. I shot an 81 with 3 birdies, not bad considering I was 5 over after the first 3 holes!

Hope I can remember to keep it up!

Filed under Golf, Sep 11, 2005

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